Meet Roy Dupree

Sunday May 12, 2012

Most of the stuff I write here is going to involve my friend, Roy Dupree, so I need to tell you a little about him.

I don’t see Roy as often as I’d like to these days―our lives have taken us in a lot of different directions, but we have a special kinda’ friendship. I might not hear from him for six months and then one day he’ll call me up. “I need some help, podna. Can you catch a plane to New Orleans first thing tomorrow mornin’?”

He knows the answer’s going to be, “Yes”, and I know the kinda’ help he needs might not always be legal, but I also know that he’d do the same thing for me. I never give it a second thought.

Roy’s always got a good story or two whenever I see him. I’d think most of his tales were bullshit if I heard’m from anybody else, but with Roy, I know it’s the real deal. Things just seem to happen wherever he is, and he’s too lazy to make this stuff up. Also, I’ve been right there with him and seen it happen enough times to know. If Roy say’s it happened, it happened.

Probably his biggest downfall has always been that he attracts the wrong kinda’ women. I guess he attracts the right kinda’ women too, but it always seems like the wrong kinda’ women are fouling up his relationships with the other kind. I know from personal experience that when you’re a young man, it’s not always that easy to tell the difference between the two. It’s really not that easy even when you’re an old man… If she’s pretty enough.

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4 Responses to Meet Roy Dupree

  1. Catherine Johnston says:

    Tell us more! I know Peter.

  2. peterslidell says:

    Thanks for the comment. You might know Peter, but it’s Roy Dupree you need to look out for. A proper lady wouldn’t want to be alone with him..

  3. Billy Dupree says:

    Kinda hard to define “the Wong kind of women” but a sure indicator is when you hear a shout from a burly pulpwood worker “Hey jerkoff, that’s my wife.”

  4. peterslidell says:

    I wonder if Billy Dupree is kin to Roy. He does seem to be a discerning connoisseur of feminity.

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